The Process

We have developed what we believe to be a sustainable process limiting our impact on the earth as we deliver the healthiest dairy products possible.  Here are some highlights of what we do in making our milk products;

  • Grow all feed organically-no chemicals, no GMO, no antibiotics & no pesticides
  • Feed animals green feed (pasture and sprouts) 365 days a year
  • Grow feed under LED lights,  Converting 1 acre of feed (barley) into 7-10 acres of green feed sprouts
  •  Allow all animals to live freely 365 days a year in a safe but natural environment 
  • Collect rain water for animals 
  • Pasteurize milk at low temperature (145° for 30 minutes) keeping all healthy nutrients in the milk
  • Use glass bottles leaving no risk of leaching like plastic does, as well as maintains cool temperature longer in transport and is 100% re-usable.
  • Recycle, Re-use and Reduce in all stages of process