Beyond Organic

Mother Earth Farms under the jurisdiction of the Oneida Nation, sells its milk directly to you, no middle man.  Our milk is made from our cows only.  Our cows are free range, grass fed, antibiotic free, growth hormone free and chemical free.  We bottle and deliver on the same day.  We low pasteurize our milk destroying only the bad bacteria leaving all the healthy nutrients in our milk.

We have set strict policies and procedures in the management of our herd and flock, as well as in the processing stages of making our food products.  Our key objectives are;
    ü  Create healthy and safe food with the least amount of processing within Canadian laws bringing it beyond organic

    ü  Limit our footprint on the environment
    ü  Provide a free range environment for animals

    ü  Operate under the inherent jurisdiction of the Oneida Nation of the Thames 

    ü Create meaningful employment for the community
Understandably, the reason most farmers and processors do not follow these types of objectives is that ‘profit’ is their main objective. We remain true to our original objectives and we follow all the guidelines set out through the various acts and in some cases exceed these requirements.  One such example is that the Milk Act sets out a 3 day post parturition minimum before returning the cow to milking.  We in fact let our calves remain with their mothers for multiple weeks allowing the calves to get all of the colostrum which also limits the antibiotics that could get into our dairy products.  Our cows are seen regularly by a veterinarian and are all vaccinated annually. We feed them only grasses and legumes, eliminating the risk of bad strains of Escherichia coli (0157:H7) caused by feeding cows grains, which ruminating mammals struggle to digest.  We Low Temperature (LT) pasteurize all of our milk to 145 degrees Fahrenheit and hold it for 30 minutes.  While ours is a much lengthier process than the large processing companies (they produce practically all the milk available in the market place) who pasteurize at 280 degrees for 2 seconds (Ultra High Temperature), LT produces a much healthier product.  While LT pasteurization kills all pathogens, it leaves healthy bacteria with their enzymes.  We have observed first hand that lactose intolerant people can consume this milk with zero issues.  When milk undergoes Ultra High Temperature pasteurization (UHT), enzymes like lactase, galactase, and phosphate, essential for the assimilation of nutrients like lactose, galactase, and phosphate respectively, are destroyed.  Without these, milk becomes very difficult to digest.  Unfortunately, the pancreas cannot produce these enzymes, so it becomes overstressed creating a risk factor for diabetes and other diseases.  UHT pasteurization also reduces if not eliminates vitamins such as B6, B12, and C.  It kills beneficial bacteria essential in digestion, leading to constipation.  Some studies have found that UHT milk from grain fed cows, living in tight confined spaces on “factory farms” may hold high levels of estrone sulfate, an estrogen compound that is linked to testicular, prostate and breast cancer.  Our cows live free range 365 days a year.  Again, unlike the milk you buy practically everywhere, we do not homogenize our milk rather we leave it in its original state, whole milk.   Homogenization affects the structure of proteins in milk. When the fat molecules become smaller, they become “capsules” for substances that can bypass digestion. Proteins, for instance, are not broken down as they should be, and end up becoming absorbed in the bloodstream. This can lead to a reaction against the arterial wall, to which the body responds to by creating a layer of cholesterol as a form of protection. When this happens regularly, long-term risks may arise. A widely held popular theory by Dr. Kurt A. Oster, which was studied from the early 1960s until the mid-1980s, also claims that homogenization can lead to heart disease. Dr. Oster believed that the enzyme xanthin oxidase (XO), created during homogenization, ends up in heart and arterial tissue and destroys the protective membrane called plasmogen, leading to arterial lesions and plaque formation.  Homogenized milk proteins may also resemble a human protein and trigger autoimmune diseases, like multiple sclerosis (MS) and diabetes.

                 Our Milk

  • Fresh everyday                         
  • Processed and sold directly from farm                  
  • Made exclusively by the Oneida Nation                 
  • Cows are free Range 365 days per year
  • Cows are free to choose to be indoors or outdoors providing for a healthier longer life                                                 
  • Low Temperature Pasteurization                          
  • Heated to 145 degrees for 30 minutes                  
  • Leaving all the good in the milk                             
  • Glass bottled, keeping milk temperature constant in transport, with no risk of contamination from leaching   
  • 100% recycled & reusable
  • 100% Grass Fed cows    
  • Healthy Omega 3 & 6
  • Increased amounts of vitamins including vitamin E and A in the form of Beta-Carotene