In the tradition of the Haudenosaunee people (the Iroquois), we believe the Earth must be respected and honored.  We think that our beliefs and teachings hold the secrets to saving our natural environment.  It is without doubt that Western culture has brought us many insights through science and other disciplines, however its essential for First Nations to enforce our traditional laws, beliefs and most importantly our ecological knowledge.  Very few people actually know that many key principles in the American constitution were borrowed from the The Great Law of Peace (the Iroquois Constitution), including the concept of the freedom of the individual, but not at the expense of the whole family, tribe, nation or the earth.  We believe our laws have been broken as the earth has been forgotten, abused and disrespected. Mother Earth Farms is taking responsibility and action in developing a sustainable farming process that will help protect the earth.  We hope that this process will be adopted by many as we are certain that this is the path for healing our home.